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We are brownstone owners and industry professionals experienced in renovating brownstones and well acquainted with the particular peculiarities, challenges and responsibilities of renovating this unique and historical genre of urban housing. As lifetime and decades-long brownstone dwellers across a spectrum of the city's brownstone neighborhoods, with extensive real estate development experience, we have developed a deep love and understanding of brownstone structures and communities.  Our staff also includes lawyers qualified to comment on law and policy initiatives. 

We were inspired to create the web site after searching for guidance on green building and discovering a distinct lack of cohesive, in-depth, locally focused information and resources about green building generally, and in particular about green brownstone renovation. We decided to fill that void by launching Ecobrownstone.com, a web site dedicated to green brownstone renovation.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to educate the public, to provide resources to help homeowners plan and execute an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable renovation, and to provide a platform for public discourse about all aspects of green building in the context of preserving the unique historical character of brownstone and other vintage urban row house residences.

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