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MIT Discovery Can Make Storing Solar Energy Viable

By using the sun's energy to mimick the process of splitting hydrogen and oxygen that takes place in photosynthesis, then recombing the two inside a fuel cell, the process can create carbon-free electricity.

Truth or Consequences

Thomas Friedman's latest Op Ed piece advocates for a strong energy policy to decrease our oil dependence, but does it dance around one key aspcect of global warming -- see Noreen's blog.

The Promise of Green Paint

Several manufacturers have introduced water-based low or no-VOC paints in the last few years.  Coverage and durability are two issues, but low- and no-VOC paints improve indoor air quality and reduce smog-producing chemicals, so the trade-offs for a healthier environment are worthwhile.  Also see our Article Indoor Air Quality -- Identifying Sources and Making Renovation Choices that Eliminate Contamination

Building Rage

Abusive homeowners can be just as bad as "contractors from hell."  See Noreen's blog about tips to both sides for getting along more smoothly.

Biodegradable Home Product Lines, Ready to Rot

Ostensibly designing for the trash -- or do "biodegradable" consumer products simply provide justification for wanting more stuff?  Remember, nothing biodegrades in a landfill. 

New Ways to Store Solar Energy for Nighttime and Cloudy Days

Unlike traditional solar PV systems, researchers are developing ways to gather heat from the sun, which can be stored for hours or even days, to be used to generate steam which will turn a turbine to create electricity.

Technology Smooths the Way for Home Wind-Power Turbines

Wind turbines are attracting homeowners with their ease of use, financial incentives and low environmental effects.

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