Out of sight is out of mind. If you don’t see your water bills then you are divorced from the measure of your use. As a responsible measure to reduce both energy and water consumption it's time to get away from the habit of a perceived free ride – in other words, tenants should have direct responsibility for paying for the water they use in the same way they pay for their cooking gas and electricity. If you are renovating a multi-family market rate building then, as part of your energy overhaul, separate water feed lines and meters can be installed for each tenant who in turn will be billed directly by the city for what he or she uses – of course, the market would expect that the rent be adjusted downward. It is only fair that, in doing so, building owners would need to supply their tenants with the means to save water through low flow fixtures, appliances and efficient hot water delivery systems, and reduce rents to account for the cost shifting. Seeing the bills is the quickest way to equate action with consequence and will incentivize conservation. Taking this step for rent- controlled or rent-stabilized housing requires a change in policy at the NYC level. See Noreen's blog on Personal Accountability for Conservation.