Prerequisites/Mandatory Measures- 0
Minimum Points – 3
Maximum Points - 15

This category strives to conserve potable water by means of low-use fixtures and reuse of rainwater and graywater. Graywater is any water, other than from toilets, that has been used in the home such as from sinks, dishwashers, tubs and showers, and clothes washers.   

The possible points in this category are divided into 6 sub-categories:

Water Reuse points (maximum 4 points) can come from inclusion of a rainwater harvesting system for capturing and storing rainwater for landscaping and indoor use, and/or a graywater reuse system (1 point) that is serviced by enough water sources to exceed 5,000 gallons per year, or a municipal recycled water system.

Water irrigation system points (maximum 4 points) come from including a newly designed high efficiency system involving such water savings features as drip irrigation, central shut-off valve, timers and high efficiency nozzles; or including a third party inspection of an existing system for efficiency; or reducing overall irrigation demand by at least 45% (maximum 4 points).

Indoor water use points (maximum 4 points) prescribe the use of water-efficient fixtures and fittings such as low flow toilets, faucets, showerheads and appliances. Note that low flow shower heads also reduce the demand for hot water and consequently the energy load for hot water heating.

What does this mean for brownstone and row-house renovation: Each of these subcategories has application to a brownstone renovation. See our Article , Water Conservation -- A Holistic Approach that Saves Water and Energy, and stayed tuned for Upcoming Articles on water reuse through rainwater harvesting and graywater systems.