Prerequisites/Mandatory Measures- 3
Minimum Points - 0
Maximum Points - 11

This category seeks to achieve an integrated, cost-effective plan for green design and construction by promoting a durable, moisture resistant and high performing building envelope(the frame and its components and systems) by means of integrated design, materials selection and construction practices, including incorporating necessary measures beyond those in the guidelines due to regional or local climate issues.

Prerequisites/mandatory measures have the result of requiring expenditure on administrative functions:

1. Conduct a preliminary rating meeting between the team and the Provider to identify the targeted LEED® award level, the credits that have been selected to reach that goal, and the party accountable for meeting the selected credits. Points can be earned for putting together a project team that includes professionals proficient in at least three of the following skill sets, and at least one of the professionals must be LEED® accredited; beyond the prerequisite one point can be earned by conducting a full day design workshop with the team:

i. architect or residential building design consultant
ii. mechanical or energy engineer
iii. building science or performance testing expert
iv. green building or sustainable design expert
v. and civil engineering, landscape architecture, habitat restoration or land-use planning.

Additional credits can also be earned by designing to orient the building for solar design -- to meet these criteria for a renovation project would require a great deal of serendipity given that the orientation of an existing building can’t be changed. Special planning and implementation measures must be put into place regarding durability and moisture control measures, which are prerequisites as described below.

2. Engage in Durability Planning prior to construction which involves identifying all moderate and high risk durability issues for the building enclosure. The focus here is primarily with issues of moisture and water resistancy for kitchen, bathroom, laundry and entrances.

3. Put into place a “Durability Management Process” to ensure execution of the durability measures. Three points can be earned by having the Rater inspect and verify each measure set out on the durability check list.

The typical cost for a Provider is $7,000 for all the technical services, including the Rater, or $13,000 if the Provider also handles all the paperwork.

The guidelines also contemplate the ability to earn up to 4 points for unspecified “innovations” (1 point for each innovation) – good ideas that you/your team thinks of that haven’t been included in the LEED® for Homes guidelines. These must be put forward in a documented proposal.