LEED® for Homes has 8 categories in which credits toward certification are earned. The system has 136 maximum total points from which to choose, and certain categories have “prerequisites” meaning measures that must be taken and which do not earn points. Overall, approximately 22% of all possible points deal with water-related issues during construction and in the finished home, and 28 % deal directly with energy-related issues, which is indicative of the high importance placed upon these attributes in the rating system.

There are four levels of certification:
Certified: 45-59 points
Silver: 60-74 points
Gold: 75-89 points
Platinum: 90 points

The 8 point categories are:

1. Innovation and Design Process
2. Location and Linkages
3. Sustainable Sites
4. Water Efficiency
5. Energy and Atmosphere
6. Materials and Resources
7. Indoor Environmental Quality
8. Awareness and Education

Let's explore each in detail  . . .