Prerequisites/Mandatory Measures- 1
Minimum Points – 0
Maximum Points – 3

This category aims to maintain optimal performance of all the features by educating the occupants about operation and maintenance. You will want to understand your systems and how to maintain them, and if you will have a tenants it will be equally important that they understand the systems that impact them and how to use them for optimal performance, whether or not you are going for LEED® certification,  Having an organized approach to learn about and keep the relevant materials, is useful.

This Category is divided into 2 sub-categories.

Education of the Homeowner or Tenant (maximum 2 points) includes the prerequisite that the occupants be given a basic level of training, including a reference manual with the LEED® for Homes Rating Certificate and features list; inspection checklists, all manuals for appliances and equipment, operations and maintenance guidelines for heating and cooling, ventilation, humidity control, renewable energy and irrigation/water harvesting or graywater reuse equipment; guidance on cleaning materials, water-efficient landscaping, lighting and appliance selection; and educational information on “green power” (undefined). A minimum one-hour walk-through is required. On point can be earned for providing two additional hours of training, and one point can be earned by doing three of the following: promoting public awareness through advertised open houses, publish a web site describing the features and benefits of a LEED® home, generate a newspaper article on the project or display a 6-foot LEED® for Homes sign on the exterior of the home.

Education of the Building Manager (maximum1 point) has no prerequisite but offers the ability to gain one point for taking the building manager through the same training that is the prerequisite for the homeowner/occupant.